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After School Clubs in Bayville, New Jersey


Hillcrest Academy in Bayville, New Jersey, offers exciting after school clubs designed specifically for children ages 5 or older. Clubs are held Monday through Friday at the end of the day. Each club lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour, and ends no later than 5:30 p.m. Below are detailed descriptions of our clubs.

Drama Club-Calling all Actors & Actresses!

Children participate in all aspects of producing a play, from acting to set and costume designing. Time is spent preparing for their "opening night." Parents and families are invited to come and watch the finished product.

Game Club

Chess, backgammon, Mancala, and checkers are just some of the games the children learn. They can choose their favorite and participate in mini-tournaments. Be prepared to help your children polish their skills at home!

Nintendo Wii® Sports Club

Anyone familiar with the Wii will enjoy Wii Sports. Work on your tennis serve or hitting that baseball out of the park. Train to be a boxing legend or the next Tiger Woods. Your children are able to train, compete, and become a "Wii Pro" while staying active.

Cheerleading Club

We are lucky enough to have a former cheerleader on staff at our child care center. She uses her experience to teach children popular cheers and the accompanying movements. They learn timing, presentation, memorization, and teamwork. Many college teams have male cheerleaders, so boys are also welcome.

Sports Club

Children are taught the proper rules and regulations for several different sports in a fun and interesting way, such as soccer, softball, kickball, volleyball, and basketball. They learn how to win graciously and lose with dignity.

Photography/Journalism Club

Your child learns the ins and outs of taking a good picture and putting it together with an interesting story. The subject matter is a collaborative effort between the journalist and editor. The editor is very good about helping the staff with their stories. A paper is produced 2 times during the year.
Contact us to sign up your little one for any of our amazing after school clubs.